Safety is the heart of our business. KOCA is devoted to make the industry safer at all times.


    We wish more people experience the world's best air transport service of Korea.


    Challenges to fly into future and become leading country in the field.


    We strive to keep our nature green and sustainable.


    Ensuring safe and secure air travel in Korea.


    We achieve efficiency with the most cutting-edge technologies.


    We hope the cooperation makes our world even faster, greener and safer.


    With full of energy and passion, Korea has achieved dramatic growth in aviation industry.

KOCA Events

  • Korea takes the lead in drone sports
    Top: Pilots showcase their drones as they prepare for the International Drone Sports Competition which took place over the weekend co-hosted by JoongAng Media Network, the Provincial Government of G
    05 12 2016
  • Drone Championship
    The city of Incheon hosted this year''s Korea Drone Championship over the weekend, which brought countless drone hobbyists and racers to the arena. But it was also an opportunity for people to how th
    24 10 2016
  • International Air Conference
    Transport Minister Kang Ho-in speaks at the opening ceremony for the ICAO Aviation Training and TRAINAIR PLUS Global Symposium and fifth Conference on International Air Transport Cooperation. The int
    11 05 2016


  • ROK - EU(European Union) Aviation Partnership Project
    On December 20th 2021, Mr. Yong-Seog Kim, Deputy Minister for Civil Aviation for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) of the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Mr. Patrick Ky, Executi
    10 01 2022
  • Aviation-Tourism Recovery Forum
    It is my great honor to invite you to the virtual event "Aviation-Tourism Recovery Forum: Seminar on Aviation Safety and Recovery Against COVID-19", which will be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea
    03 12 2020
  • ROK Seeks to Boost its Status as State of Greater Importance
    Published: 7 May 2020    South Korea creates a team dedicated to close partnership with ICAO and industry stakeholders to solidify its status as a leading aviation powerhouseT
    12 05 2020
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